Thursday, November 01, 2007

Olafur Eliasson

"Take Your Time"
@ SFMOMA, through Feb 24, 2008

The opportunity to feel, be inspired and emotionally attach to a major art exhibition is thrilling. The Olafur Eliasson survey at SFMOMA offers deep feelings of attachment and longing that I seek and value in art. Eliasson, born in Copenhagen (of Icelandic heritage) and currently living in Berlin has honed his tactile sensual communication and is able to transport the viewer into a truly transcendent state. For me this experience quells all longing, nourishes my intellectual hunger and transports me to a place of profound creativity.

This metaphoric domain is free of constricting labels and boundaries, yet allows me to inhabit my need for a spiritual artistic union.

Through a series of immerse spaces the SFMOMA show encourages the audience to undertake a physical and emotional journey. Without guide or road map, installations unfold and seduce. Whether viewed in peace, free of the distracting crowds or experienced with a tribe, Eliasson fosters the individual experience.

This show at once has quelled a hunger within me, yet reinforced a longing. My frequent revisits are testimony to Eliasson’s ability to allow me to explore his work through a deeply personal lens.

As the iris adjusts: scents are realized, dimensions are accepted and fluid forms are navigated. One is engulfed viscerally by the divergent constructed environments. With each visit I discover new aspects of seeing, feeling and thinking, my time within this creative domain has become a celebration of art within a powerful context. Whether it is the environment, passion, inquiry or conundrum. Eliasson’s works have irrevocably realigned me.

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