Friday, February 08, 2008

Art and Culture in Australia

Dec 07/Jan 08 I vacationed in Australia. After a seaside family retreat in South Australia, Nick (my husband) and I flew to Melbourne. This was Nick's first venture into Victoria and for me over a decade since my last visit. We found Melbourne buzzing with arts and culturally edge. Past strengths now connect with diverse vibrancy that is entrepreneurial and youthful.

Clearly Melbourne and its community has found a meeting ground where creative adventurers and economic vibrancy are partners. This is expressed through city lane ways becoming devoted to legal graffiti, low rent options for emerging designers, hole in the wall bars and cafes and provocative art spaces. Melbourne has always been an intellectual and cultural hub for Australia. Now through innovate approaches to bi-laws, alternative uses of neglected spaces and most importantly a living approach to the human scale of a city, Melbourne is alive and kicking.

Fiona Sweetman, Director of Hidden Secrets Tours is an energetic advocate for this new wave of culture in Melbourne and she opened our eyes to more than we
were expecting.

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